More information on Pro Bono Connect

Project Plan for the Establishment of a Dutch Pro Bono Clearinghouse, by Floris van Hees & Sophie van Dijken, 6 October 2015

Research on the growth of pro bono legal assistance in Europe

The Growth of Pro Bono in Europe. Using the Power of Law for Public Interest, door Lamin Khadar, (DLA Piper & PILnet), november 2016

Report of the European Pro Bono Forum, 16-18 November 2016, Amsterdam (in Dutch)

Lara Talsma, ”Pro Bono in Europa en Nederland: Niet langer óf maar hóe. Verslag van het 10th Annual European Pro Bono Forum”, NTM|NJCM-Bull. jrg. 42 [2017], nr. 1, p. 115-119.

Report 1.5 Years of Pro Bono Connect

Building a Pro Bono Clearinghouse in the Netherlands, Report on the First 1.5 Years of Pro Bono Connect, by Lara Talsma (Pro Bono Connect), June 2017

Report evaluation pilot phase Pro Bono Connect and vision for the future

Looking back and ahead – Evaluation of the pilot phase of Pro Bono Connect & Vision for the future, by Annemarie van den Heuvel (Pro Bono Connect), July 2018

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